Let's Go To Work in the 32nd

The Ohio 32nd House Ranks (out of 99 total districts):
95th of 99 Median Household Income ( $30,700 )
91st of 99 Percentage of Working Age Males ( 66.3% )
6th of 99 Percent Using Food Stamps ( 28% )
10th of 99 Percent Lacking High School Diploma or Equivalent ( 17% )
Source - Statisticalabstracts.com

The Ohio House 32nd District... A Democratic Seat Since 1966.

You Have Given the Democrats Fifty Years... Consider Giving Me Two.

After fifty years of unchallenged leadership, why would anything change? Matthew Wahlert believes that the 32nd can no longer hope that the issues and the problems faced can be ignored. We see the results of poverty, lack of education, and the need for jobs while also witnessing crime and a generational war against heroin all while infrastructure, like the Western Hills Viaduct, crumble.

It is time for Matthew Wahlert's New Leadership and New Vision. Matthew encourages you to take a look at his stance on the issues, his background, and how he plans to inject a new life into the 32nd District.