Paid for by Wahlert for Trustee


Matt is dedicated to enforcing all township contracts and agreements. Serving as a steward of Colerain Township's tax dollars, Matt will diligently monitor all expenditures to ensure that waste is minimized and eliminated.

Transparency & Cooperation

It is vital for the Township's future to have the entire community working together. Matt will be a unifier for Colerain Township, bringing all the stakeholders in the community together. By building a workable coalition between government, residents, businesses, and civic organizations, Colerain Township will be able to move beyond the politics of the past and solve the problems we currently face. 


Matt will also advocate for increased transparency, encouraging the community to get more involved. He will also make it a priority to structure township meetings in a way to ensure that residents have the opportunity to get more involved and provide their input.


We need to elect leaders that reflect the values of our community. This November, we will have the opportunity to improve the integrity of our leadership. Matt will always put the community first and treat every resident, whether they agree or disagree, with the respect they deserve.