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Safety and Security

Matt has a strong track record of keeping our community safe and secure...

  • Matt led in the establishment of two new fire stations to expand and improve the quality of service to Colerain Township residents.

  • Strongly stands behind Colerain Township Police Officers, and he helped add 15 additional officers and 5 school resource officers to ensure the safety and security of our neighborhoods and schools.

  • Code enforcement has been a lingering issue in Colerain for years - Matt Wahlert moved code enforcement to the police department, which has enhanced the township's ability to enforce property codes.

  • Keeping our township clean is a top priority, and Matt led the creation of an Environmental crimes office with a focus on investigating of dumping and illegal trash.

  • Matt Wahlert led the way in bringing in fresh new leadership focused on the security of our community, including the hiring of new Fire Chief, Police Chief, Township Administrator, and Township Assistant Administrator.

Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

Matt has been a leader in protecting our tax dollars and ensuring transparency for our community...

  • Prior to Matt’s election in 2019, there were no official set rules for how the Board of Trustees operate. Matt changed that by establishing a transparent and clear set of rules for our local government.

  • Matt established new TIF Funding, which created approximately $16 million in additional funding by establishing the first residential TIF Districts in Colerain Township.

  • Thanks to Matt's leadership, for the first time, Colerain Township now “self-insures” for Health Insurance. This saves Colerain Township approximately $500,000 every year.

  • Matt created a long-term capital reserve fund – and incorporated the fund in Board of Trustee rules (so it would take a Board vote to dissolve) – designed for future of Colerain Township so that large investments in capital projects could be paid in cash (down the line).

  • Matt created – as part of Board rules – an annual required open meeting to discuss future and long-term capital needs.

  • Due to Matt’s leadership, Colerain Township was under budget by approximately $5 million in 2022.

Moving Our Community Forward

Matt is a visionary leader that is moving our community forward...

  • Matt Wahlert understands the importance of preparing our future Colerain Township leaders. Matt led the creation of an annual “Citizens Academy” for township government, which includes an annual class to train citizens and future township leaders.

  • Supporting and recognizing our veterans is critical. Matt added a Veteran’s Dinner where veterans in Colerain Township are honored at an annual dinner for their service to our community and our nation. Matt also worked with Colerain veteran Chris Green to create banners honoring individual Colerain Vets displayed on Colerain Ave and Springdale Ave. during specific months.

  • Matt led the innovative creation of a Rental Registration Program, which is prepared to roll out in June 2023.

  • Matt has also led the way in organizing a multi-year plan to beautify I-275 exits, which will assist in cleaning up Colerain and promoting economic growth for our local small businesses.

  • Matt brought Colerain Township leadership to the Hamilton County Solid Waste Board, where he continually fights for taxpayers.

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